Thursday, July 24, 2014

Our Cozy Little Home Pt3

Today I'm showing off my home's bedrooms and bathroom. If you haven't seen my previous two posts, parts one and three, check them out by clicking on the links! I'm sharing photos of my home with tid bits of how I decorated and how we store our lives in a small house or apartment.

First, let's check out the hallway!

Hanging the full length mirror next to the bathroom was perfect. Not only was it the only open wall space to fit it, but its directly across from the kitchen window which gives the hallway perfect lighting.

This is also where I store our vacuum and our bathroom laundry basket for towels and such.
The laundry hamper is wicker and was another thrifting find!

This is the only linen closet/pantry space we have.
Upper cupboard is food items and 1st aid,
bottom drawers are filled with extra bathroom supplies that are used infrequently.

Oh our little bathroom. It's a wee bit small but works just fine.

There are no counters or storage in the bathroom, and no sink vanity either. Found this awesome little shelf out thrifting. It met our need of a towel rack and also gave us some extra storage for our toothbrushes and such.

See? Little sink.
And a potty!

Toilet storage is a must in a tiny bathroom!

This basket was, can you guess? A thrift find!
It holds my "crunchy" toiletries, corn starch, ACV, baking soda etc. 

Love our shower curtain, thanks Target! Since we have no storage or counterspace I added these plastic drawers/dresser thingies and added a plank of cardboard covered in paper and sprayed with a sealer for now. Soon we will be getting a plank of wood to replace that, which I will paint a cheery color. I'll also be taking the clear drawers out and painting them to match! Yay for DIY storage.

Here's the top of my shelf,
notice my Harry Potter-labeled all natural fluoride free toothpaste?!

Now on to Bree's room! 

Entering in, Bree's closet and her growth chart!

Since her room is small, and her clothes are short but many, we also added the plastic drawers inside her closet. Life saver for her towels, linens, and other random things we couldn't put in her dresser.

Perfect for holding headbands, bows, clips, etc/

Her dresser is cute but doesn't hold everything, so we got more plastic drawers,
I'll be painting those soon as well, to make them less conspicuous.

Bree's shadow box, by pregnancy test, her umbilical cord, and our first pictures with her!

The blanket I made for her while pregnant.

Her changing table will soon be leaving us, opening up some space! Yay! It will be replaced by a white wooden and wicker cabinet. It will match her white wicker laundry basket and diaper basket perfectly.

Now on to the master bedroom!
Let's enter in!

It's so cozy at night time!!!

As you can see but looking to the left, that wall is all cupboards, drawers, and window. We utilize totes and boxes that store under our bed for extra, not in regular use storage.

We generally keep the curtains closed, but when they are tied back
that is where I keep my crocheting, our box of socks (because I'm horrible at folding socks),
and Justin's work clothes.

And of course, if you've read my post on refurbishing my dresser and nightstand
you'll remember this gal.

The messy left corner is another wicker hamper I found thrifting
and the right mess is our trash can sitting on top of my dad's elephant stand.

So that's our little home and our secrets of making everything fit. I hope you found some inspiration or ideas here, and I am always open to chatting if you need help making your situation work. As always, check out my Pinterest boards for more!!
My little shadow :)

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  1. Amazing, what you've done with a little space. You inspire me!