Friday, June 13, 2014

Nightstand DIY

You know, 6 days after painting my living room and dislocating my rib I would want to paint again. Go figure. But I can breathe deeply, and if my trip to the gym taught me anything, it's that once you feel better you go hard again or go home.

No, don't do that. Rest up so you can heal fully without popping your rib back out.

However, I'm taking it easy and going carefully, and my project was nowhere the size of my living room (or the gym, apparently) so I pulled out the paint!

Justin and I moved into our current home in April of last year, and our bedroom furniture took a beating, including, but not limited to, drawers being taped to their bodies which led to tape being ripped off and taking the finish with it.

And since this catastrophe enabled my dream of painting and refinishing our dresser and nightstand (Pinterest, thank you for the idea of blue furniture) I got some cute country cottage blue paint and completed the project that was our dresser. And it turned out splendidly.


I had plans to refinish hubbs' nightstand in a similar fashion but never got around to it after unpacking, and then the weather got cold (I keep painting for warmer weather days).

Well my fingers were itching for something to do, and since we aren't redoing the bathroom just yet (AKA not today) I decided to surprise Justin and get the side table done!

I was careful not to post this til he got home and could see, hehe.

So here is my nightstand DIY for your viewing pleasure!

The nightstand and drawers, before.

My face, because who in their right mind takes on a project with a rib out. Me. That's who. 

And of course, we watch Disney while we work ♪♫

My equipment:
Paper (or a tarp) to protect the floor.
A wet washcloth to wipe any paint splatters on me or the floor/walls.
Paint+Primer in one.
Sanding apparatus.
Paint brushes to your preference.

Eww, tape injury.

I sanded everything down really well before painting.

Took off the hardware, opened and mixed the paint, 
enjoyed some "Prince Ali" while I painted, 
and alas, we have the first coat!

These are the lovely knobs I'm using to replace the nasty square ones.
Thanks Hobby Lobby!
Place of my dreams.
Seriously, there is nothing that beautiful place doesn't have.

And there it is! In all of it's finished glory, two coats, three on top.
(And Justin's gorgeous sleep apnea machine haha.)

I did a second coat on the top of my dresser as well, it turned out lovely.
Let's enjoy the details!

My bobbie pin holder, a sweet thrift find.

This little containers were a gift from a dear friend at our mom group's gift exchange.
Doesn't it just make everything look organized and cute?!

And now my room is a bit of a mess, sheets in the dryer and pillows in the washer, but I'm happy and things look nice!

~The Crunchy Mama

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