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Here I have compiled a list of resources and links I use. This page is still being compiled, so I apologize for anything that may be missing!
~The Crunchy Mama

Birth and Pregnancy:

Nuchal Cords Are Necklaces, Not Nooses
Birth Is Beautiful
What Is The Evidence For Induction or C-section For "Big Babies?"
Holistic Stages Of Labor
This Is What Homebirth Looks Like
Orgasmic Birth
Why Are America’s Postpartum Practices So Rough on New Mothers?
Reported Side Effects of Epidurals


More To Motherhood Than Post-baby Bodies


{all three parts of our series on breastfeeding are full of links and resources all on their own!}
Breastfeeding Series Part One
Breastfeeding Series Part Two
Breastfeeding Series Part Three
Breastfeeding Past Infancy Fact Sheet


The Hot Topic: Facts and Myths About Circumcision


Sugar Free First Birthday Cake search

Miscarriage and Loss:

Our World: 

A Wake-Up Story


You Just Broke Your Child
Three Things Little Girls Need To Hear From Their Fathers
Ten True Things About The 1st Year of Parenthood
Take Of The Ticking Clock
The Day I Stopped Saying Hurry Up


Sleep Training: Review of Research
Safe Co-Sleeping Habits
Scientific Benefits of Co-Sleeping
Why Babies Should Not Sleep Alone


{My recent post about vaccines is full of links and resources for vaccines, in addition to links I'll share.}
Another Hot Topic
86 Research Papers Supporting The Vaccine-Autism Link
Why I Chose Not To Vaccinate My Child
Neurologic Adverse Effects After Vaccination
Polio Vaccine and SV40 Cancer Causing Virus
Vaccines and Eczema
Pertussis and Vitamin C PDF file
Dr. Tenpenny on Vaccines
BOUGHT: The Movie
My Thoughts On Vaccines
The Hate Debate
Aluminum and Autism
Dear Parents, Are You Being Lied To?
Six Reasons To Say No To Vaccines
List of Peer Reviewed Vaccine Studies


Ten Things Never To Say To A Co-Sleeping Parent

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  1. Hi, Crunchy Mama, I just made a post at Mutts and Munchkins called Crunchy Pregnancy Resources. It's just a short list of things we used, nothing as complete as your list here. But I searched Crunchy Pregnancy Resources on Pinterest and found your blog! Looks like one I'll be interested in following!

    Mine's still in process, but you can see what's there at Thanks!