Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Our Cozy Little Home Pt. 1

Pinterest (and BuzzFeed) are my two "pleasures" while I'm nursing or getting little miss down to sleep. We lay in bed together or cuddle on the recliner, she snuggles up or nurses, and while I wait to make sure she's sound asleep enough to move I browse Pinterest for ideas and longings and I browse BuzzFeed for sarcastic but always true hilarity. It's a fun part of my day!

Pinterest inspires me to craft or build or move or rearrange, and that's just what I did this week. Eleven thirty on Sunday night I was moved to organize my kitchen. I am usually a so-so cleaner, I clean or tidy as I go but when I get into a "marathon mind" and my mind is set on something I go hard until completion. So I cleaned out and organized the cupboards above and below my sink, always the messy/cluttered/gross cabinets, right?! Then, because Bree is tall enough to reach into our silverware drawer (and take out spoons, lick them, and put them back) I decided to clean out that drawer and fashion a pinterest-worthy solution. Enter, my jars!

My silverware probably is now solved and looks too cute. Woo! (But dang that picture is off center and it is killing me.)

Soo I organized the rest of my kitchen, and the next day rearranged my dining room and cleaned off one of our bookcases, it ended up to be a cute little office area! I have a gorgeous antique typewriter from my godmother and I've been looking for the perfect spot. Thanks to my cleaning/rearranging it is now proudly displayed on my desk. (Just look, it's too cute.)

{This is the nasty bookshelf I cleaned up. And this is it organized!!!
 I found a darling little post here with over 15 uses for tension rods and it inspired me.
I'll be getting a tension rod to go along the top of the shelf with a curtain to
hide the office clutter on the shelves that we need but don't
have to look at. So it'll be hidden away but accessible!
Can't wait.}

{The Fierce Marriage calendar I made Justin for Christmas.}

Our little home is just that, little. But it's cozy and perfect for us till we are ready to move and expand. Seeing as how it's little however, we've had to consolidate and make things fit like puzzles pieces. So over the next few posts I'm going to give a little tour of our apartment and share what we've done to store our lives and decorate!

This is just a little preview, so be sure to check back soon!!!

Much love!

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