Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Our Cozy Little Home Pt. 2

After yesterday's post, part one, I'm excited to share with you the rest of my kitchen, dining room, and living room. Part three will be the bedrooms and bathroom, so many pictures is way too long for one post, I'd hate to bore you!

Here is what we've done with our kitchen:

Of course I've already shared with you my excitement with the jars,
I'm just so pleased.

This is my coffee bar. We have very limited counter and storage space, so we added a short bookcase which ended up being the perfect height. It holds my coffee pot (and the magic bullet when it's in use) and stores some extra food for us. Beautiful.



We have definitely taken advantage of storing by hanging. I've quite a few pans/lids/utensils hanging, doubling as storage and cute kitchen decor. If you look next to the jars you'll see my soap dispenser. I saw a cute idea on Pinterest to use an olive oil bottle, but I found this and loved it, it reminds me of an oil pump. Holds my soap and looks cute, I don't like storing it underneath the sink, if I keep it out its handy for hand washing and a quick lone dish in the sink.

{Tiny clay teapot I found thrifting and couldn't pass up.}

We also hide things. Works splendidly.
Our dainty old gal, the stove. She serves us well!
And hanging spice racks are genius.

See, hanging pan! And, it's thrifted and it's green.
Which means its the best pan ever.

I plan on added a shelf above the top of our stove to hold our utensils to get them off the countertop and save room there. Our stove gets too hot to just set them on it, unfortunately.

My sweet aunt gave me this kettle. Which just stays stored on the stove till she's needed.

Command strips and hooks are life savers!

My tea shelf and my Harry Pottered bottle of vanilla.
Come on, printable Harry Potter labels, how can you not?!

And that's my adorable itty kitchen!!!
{Broom and swiffer storage between the fridge and wall. Use every inch!}

As you can see, we have a cupboard on either side of the sink, top and bottom, and then cupboards directly above and below the sink. That's all our storage so we really had to piece things together like a puzzle in our kitchen. That's why my bookcase of food serves as a coffee bar! We only have so much counter space, most of the right side is taken up by the microwave alone.

Let's move on into the dining room.

Photo wall!
{Some photos fell, oops.}

Diaper bags, high chairs, hey not every thing has a special spot haha. {The garland and lights look so cozy at night time.} I'm incredibly thankful for the built in cupboards and drawers in here! Left holds my canisters, tea set, and other breakable kitchen items we don't use often. The left side is designated for books, which was perfect considering I ended up need my bookcases in other areas of the house. Drawers hold random items, paint brushes, extension cords, incense, etc.

Bree's bookcase holds our "living room quilt," craft box, family games, and all her books.

The bench beneath the window is perfect for extra seating at the table as well as holding my bag.

Small space, but fits us perfectly.
Since we only have a 2 bedroom, our office shares space in the dining room
but it works out just fine. Bookshelves are amazing for storage and organizing!

I recently painted the living room{dislocating a rib in the process}and I adore the color.

Cube storage shelves are phenomenal.
Get them.

Since Bree doesn't have a playroom/family room areaand a small bedroom, this nook is her designated area for toys.Cubes! Love the cubes. Holds everything tidy and hidden away.

Sharpie mugs work well to store pens.
And sharpies.

Found this tray thrifting and it's perfect to hold odds and ends that we may need,
like nail polish and clippers, coasters, remotes etc.

World Market how I adore thee. That's where I got that rad clock. And target has awesome little hooks and sweet details you can add to your rooms. We don't actually have a closet in our bedroom, just cupboards and drawers so the "coat closet" out the door and into the hallway is our closet. So for random sweaters or jackets (it's great for when we have guests) we installed this cool dude. It's a coat rack for the wall!

And that was how we've decorated and organized the three main rooms of the house. Hope this gave you some ideas for your home! Stay tuned tomorrow for the rest of our cozy home!

Much love.

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