Monday, June 30, 2014

Today With Bree

Oh I love my little girl! She's just so cute I can't even handle it. Today had it's ups and downs but has been a really fun day.

We enjoyed some cleaning this morning while we listened to Spotify's perfect day somethingorother playlist (I swear I'm not being paid to talk about them, I just have always been a Pandora girl and recently discovered their magic and now I'm in love haha).

Then we had a mom and baby playdate with some friends! Bree got to play with her little friend and I chatted with mine, we enjoyed lunch and attempted naps and tired crankiness and baby giggles and snacks. Oh, and coffee for the mamas ha! We enjoyed some Dr. Seuss and now we wait for daddy to come home with groceries so we can make dinner.

I love this little girl so much. She teaches me lessons daily and wows my mind. She is so loving, compassionate, empathetic, and wild and crazy and wonderful! So here's my little ode to Bree, in our most recent pictures!

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