Thursday, June 12, 2014

An Update!

Man. It has been a while! Life just got crazy and this mama got overwhelmed. But hey, that's okay. I love writing, but in marriage and parenthood a blog is not the highest priority, and I'm proud of myself for letting it go rather than push myself and be unhappy in the business of life!!!

And get this, life is still very busy, and likely will be for the rest of the summer. But I'm planning on setting aside time to write when I can. My cousin's wedding is coming up and I'm matron of honor (yay!!!), vacation with extended family, trying to redo some of the rooms in our apartment, AND in big news, hubby got a promotion (which is wonderful) but as he has added responsibility who knows how our little family's schedule will be impacted.

In updates, life has been good. Little miss is growing (less than four months and she'll be two years old. TWO!) and is learning and growing splendidly. She loves telling people they have "ieeeees" and tries to put her own "shuus" on (usually on the wrong feet) and she is just absolutely stunning.

I had the privilege this week of watching The Business of Being Born with a sweet young friend who is already becoming passionate about birth and has promised to be my birth photographer whenever we have another baby (and ohhhh the baby fever is strong right now but we're waiting).

To continue in my dream of an urban homestead I have started a porch garden (what we lack in backyard in our rental is made up in our huge front porch) with various veggies and herbs. I started everything from seed, so the plants are still maturing, but I can wait to harvest some food!

This weekend I painted our living room, which looks gorgeous, and dislocated a rib in the process. Yay for me. It HURTS. Holy poo on toast does it hurt. I think it went back into place, or at least wasn't hurting (I was able to take deep breaths without hurting and my lungs could expand to sneeze) but I made the mistake of going to the gym yesterday. "Oh I'll just do cardio!" No. Not a good choice. Because now it hurts like a %$#&*! again, can't breathe or sneeze or bend or pick up Bree. And that's what you get when you want to redo the living room.

But it is lovely!

It's incredibly cozy. Even moreso now that we hung our frames and clock and such up. But I'm not taking a picture right now because mama's gotta get off of here to clean haha. (And yes, that is Friends on the TV, my favorite show ever.)

So, there's a brief update for you! The Crunchy Mama got a facelift, and you'll see more of us soon. Much love!

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  1. You are amazing in every area of your liife. Stay passionate! You are an encouragement to me!!!