Friday, April 5, 2013

Delays and Moving

I often wonder how many readers I actually have. I know my blog has had several visits because of “The Hot Topic,” which circulated through several Facebook pages and communities, but I don’t know how many people actually read my posts. I may have three followers or three hundred. I don’t know, and that’s okay. I write because I enjoy it!

The blog hasn’t been updated much recently, if anyone has noticed. Hubbs, Breelociraptor, and I are in the process of moving! Thank God. We found our cute one bedroom apartment the month before we found out we were expecting. Third floor of a house with no a/c in the summer time wasn’t quite pleasant for a pregnant woman. We’ve made it work in the year that we’ve lived here though. I had my homebirth in my in-laws’ basement, and our unusually long living room was halved for a baby area and TV area. Now, we’ve been blessed to find a two bedroom apartment on the second floor of another house in the area (don’t know if they’re common in other areas, we call them a variety of things; duplexes, doubles, tenant houses etc.) and  not even five minutes of a drive from where we are now. Bonus, it’s the second floor as opposed to the third we’ve been used to. Less of a walk with groceries and a baby, yayayayayayayay.

We’re starting to pack things up, and it’s pretty sad seeing our cute gabled home lose its personality as we take pictures frames of the walls and wrap up knick knacks. This was our first home that was OURS. When we first were married, Hubbs and I lived in a missionary house from our then-church, and then moved in with my in-laws for a few months to save money and get our feet on the ground. It was wonderful finally settling in a home with a kitchen and privacy and all that good stuff that comes of having your own place.

Justin and I have had our share of difficult times, including financially, and as we are about to move into our bigger, more expensive home (which we are hopefully settling in until we buy a house). I am reminded of how blessed we are. How much we’ve gone through and STILL been blessed.

I don’t know how you believe, but I am a Christian. I don’t consider myself religious however. I am imperfect and I just love Jesus. That is all. I don’t plan on shoving Him down your throat if you don’t believe, so don’t worry! But I will talk about Him from time to time, like today.

He has blessed us a lot. Far more than we deserve. Every time I take on worry, and think we were going to fall, He’s caught us and taken care of the issues. Every time I doubt, He shows me a reason not to. I quit my job three months along in my pregnancy after being promised a different, better paying job at my then-church and it never happened. I couldn’t return to work because I suffered hyperemesis and was constantly throwing up. Realistically, we shouldn’t have made it every month with the money we had. But we did, with a warm home and a full pantry.

As fall made its appearance and we waited for our baby, we realized we would have to start buying diapers, and how expensive they were. Starting up with cloth diapering, while cheaper in the long run, was expensive. Plus, we shared a washer and dryer with three other people, which was also in the basement of the third floor house. I panicked! To this day, we have only bought one box of diapers. My aunt, my husband’s parents and grandmother, have all bought us diapers as they see them on sale or get coupons. We’ve been blessed in that way immensely.

We made a dream list, of things we needed and wanted, that we believed God would take care of. So far, He has met many of the needs on that list. Two months after writing that he needed a second job that was flexible with his school hours, Justin (the Hubbs) got a job working for a graphic design firm (which happens to be his major).  And when working two jobs and going to school full time became too much, and he wasn’t home enough, he lost his second job. Which may sound devastating, and first I thought it would be, but his first job had more hours available from him. So we have him home a few more hours a week, and are still financially stable!

Everything that happens in our lives, God has worked for good. He blesses us greatly, and when the world tries bringing us down or throw us a curveball, He’s shown us something great because of, or through, what ever situation may come at us. I have a whole list I could share with you of things big and small He has done, it’s crazy.

A lot of people have a skewed view of who Jesus is because of messed up theologies and doctrines, and to be straight up, because of a lot of Christians too. Whether you believe in Him or not, I wanted to give you a peek at who my Jesus is today. He is so wonderful to me. Full of grace and love, not condemnation or hatred.

Anyway, this is what’s going on in this crunchy mama’s life, busybusybusy! Once we’re settled in our new home, I hope to be writing more frequently. Have a fantastic day, folks!

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  1. You really are an amazing mamma and wife. :)
    It really is cool how everything works out, I don't know why it is in our nature to freak out over everything. Cause in the end it is always meant to be. There is definitely troubles and hindrances that come along with life, but I am learning to try and keep my head held high and look for the good in everything.
    Every time Rusty and I have moved, I also hated the bare walls that came with it. Even now, we don't have a lot of our personal stuff in our room because we don't have room for anything. It gets sad at times that we don't have our own place.. but one day we will and it is all on good timing. :) So, enjoy your new house and keep making me jealous! ;) haha