Thursday, July 18, 2013

What Do You Make Time For?

I've always been an avid reader and writer. Books, reading and writing them, were my escape from life and my favorite pastime. No matter how horrible my day was, I could escape to Neverland, or Middle Earth, or Narnia.

Even now as an adult I love reading. I still enjoy the fantasy/sci fi books, but I've broadening my horizons to include more "grown up" reading material.

Since my daughter was born, however, reading time has been fairly scarce. I've been busy! Nursing, changing diapers, teething, playing, trying to get a cranky and overtired infant to sleep... Not much time for reading.

My daughter is now nearly ten months old, and other than finishing the last Harry Potter when she was a newborn, I really haven't read anything for pleasure. As I sit and nurse I'll read a scientific study or psychology article on my Kindle... and then I have to cook or clean dishes.

Last week I decided I wanted to change that.

We have a really nice library not to far from our apartment, a lovely walk on a nice day. So I walked up there, Bree in the carrier tied to my chest, and got a library card! I'm sure I looked ridiculous, strolled through the aisles of books, reveling in the quiet atmosphere and the smell of paper and ink. It was really nice, and something I haven't done since pregnancy.

So, I got a book and discovered that lo and behold, you could borrow library books on the Kindle! That was an exciting prospect, as Bree could make it difficult to hold a large, hardcover book.

I scrolled through the books on the E-book website and found (don't laugh) Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. I'd seen the previews and honestly the movie seemed ridiculous, BUT I am a sucker for a good vampire story AND books are always better than the movie..... so I decided to give it a go.

AND HOLY COW! The book is fantastic. It reawakened my hunger for books and I'm sad to be nearly through with the story. (For future reference, the book is quite well written and surprisingly realistic. The movie isn't worth bothering with. It's nearly an entirely different story and I turned it off 30 minutes in.)

Because of my action to read this book, I realized... I could have been reading this whole time. Maybe not literally this whole time, but I had opportunities and it is my fault I didn't take action. I've had a kindle since April, and it's sole purpose til now was reading "mommy blogs" and facebook. No more! If I can make time for blogging and Facebook, I can make time for a book! (A much better use of time.)

This got me thinking. So many people say they don't have time for one thing or another. "I don't have time to go to church." "I don't have time to play with my kids." "I don't have time to write my book."

Granted, most peoples' lives are busy! Completely understandable. But, look at your priorities. What could you make time for, but just don't? TV shows and other similar distractions can get in the way of more important things in life and people don't realize they CAN give them up (or record them on the DVR....)

There are things in life that are definitely worth prioritizing for. If you have to give up watching a show or hanging out with friends to do something more fulfilling, it is okay. If you can make time for Duck Dynasty or Facebook, you can make time for your kids or family, yes?

I've noticed Bree looking at me sometimes as I'm on the computer or Kindle. She's playing on the floor, looking at me and my choosen device longingly. (As I write this she is cuddling with Daddy.) I don't EVER want her to think cell phones or tablets or computers or TVs or ANYTHING is more important than she is. I don't want her to think it's okay to "socialize" with people while everyone has their eyes on a tech device instead of eachother. As I'm constantly learning, we are the ultimate example. Parents, grandparents... what she sees us do, she will do (scary idea right?!)

Your challenge is to step outside and look at your life, see what you make time for versus what you should or want to make time for and make a change, re-prioritize. I definitely am.

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