Monday, July 15, 2013

DIY Wooden Sign, Painted Chairs, & An Easy Table Centerpiece!

I've been in a hugeee craft mood lately, and have recently made some really great projects I thought I'd share with you, and they're all pretty easy.

First off, I made a centerpiece for my dining room table.

I found this milk bottle box at Hobby Lobby, as well as the chevron burlap (which came in a variet of styles and colors). I used spray adhesive on some old pasta jars I'd saved and wrapped some cut piece of the burlap around it. After that, I tied the loose tops with some twine I had at home. I placed the wrapped jars in the box, added the respective silverware... and voila! An easy homemade centerpiece that's very simple, tastefully, and attractive. Plus, everyone sits down, forgets the silverware in the kitchen, and no sweat, there's some waiting on the table.

I also made a DIY vintage sign, an idea I found on the Diddle Dumpling blog. It worked really well and was super easy. (And don't worry, I noticed the spelling error after taking the picture and fixed it!)

Basically, you take a piece of wood, it can be painted or plain (matte paint I think works better, I've not tried a gloss paint, but I could see how the ink may not transfer), and print off a saying or phrase in black ink. The important thing is to flip it backwards before you print.

You then take the printed phrase and place it on your wooden sign-to-be ink side down. Moisten it (not soaking or the paper will tear) thoroughly and then use the bottom of a sharpie marker to draw on top of the ink which you can now see through the paper. Do it carefully, every little bit and then lift the paper. The ink transfers lightly to the board! It looks awesome, but definitely read the original tutorial before attempting.

My project I did over this past weekend was refurbishing some old wooden chairs. They were from our old kitchen table, and my dear Hubbs broke one of the chairs. When we moved we got a nice new set of table and chairs, and so used these for outdoor porch chairs! They quickly got weather worn and began to peel so I decided I wanted to paint them. I am a fan of yellow chairs for some odd reason, and rather than spend money on a can of paint, I decided to give spray paint a try.

I got indoor/outdoor rustoleum spray paint, 2-in-1, it's paint with the primer in it. I got a matte in a nice creamy yellow. It took a can per chair to be sure that they were thoroughly covered, and they turned out lovely! After they dried I used some clear sealer spray on the seats of the chairs, just to make it easier to wipe down and to divert paint flakes from peoples' clothing.

I'm pretty proud of my work, and I'm excited to make more things for our home! Go get crafty people!

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