Saturday, June 22, 2013

Our 1st Adventure With Sippy Cups!

Today I decided to see if Bree would drink water out of a sippy. She enjoys water (including drinking it out of a water bottle if mommy holds it for her) but doesn't seem to like drinking it out of bottles, so at our most recent grocery trip we bought a sippy with handles for her to try. We also have a sippy at home for friends with kids visits (regular old sippy style) and decided to try both to see which works best!

Pictures below tell the basic tale, however be aware that the sippy with handles, bought thinking it was a training cup, is in fact a "stage three" sippy, not a beginners. Which makes sense that she had a difficult time with it. We will be buying a beginner's sippy soon!

Hey Mom! Let's do this!

We tried the sippy with handles first. Bree absolutely loved that she could hold it herself and stick the "straw" in her mouth on her own. She is quite independent and prefers to do things on her own. Points for the handled sippy! But upon discovering it was a sippy for older babies/kids, it made sense why it was so hard to draw up water.

This one was a bit frustrating for Bree. She got the water out more easily, but this was harder to grasp and put in her mouth. She definitely needed mommy's help.

Overall, after a lot of playing and DependenceOnMommy tears (who wants help?! I can do this myself!), the favorite seems to be the bright, colorful, handled sippy. It wins the award from an independent baby! The old-school sippy wins my vote simply because she could get more water from it.

We will be finding a middle-ground sippy soon, or Bree may surprise me and gain better skill with the big kid sippy!

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