Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Life Right Now

It's been a hard few days (weeks) in our house. My little darling is teething. Again. It isn't the most pleasant experience.

We are blessed to have an amber teething necklace, which has helped immensely. Bree has been teething since two months, broke two teeth in February/early March, and those two white stubs have grown in into full-on little kid teeth. You can see them when she grins! The mommy inside me who doesn't want her baby to grow up cries every time she sees them.

We think she's teething some top teeth now. She's been tugging at her ears, biting while nursing (yay me right?) and just kinda miserable unless I'm holding her 24/7 (yay dishes).

I'm going through a major trial missing my newborn right now. Sleeps for three hours, awake for half an hour, super cuddly, totally dependent, uber squishy newborn. I miss my pregnant belly, feeling her kicking, where she was so much easier to protect.  And yet, I totally love this stage in her life. True, the teething isn't the best. But oh her giggles! She could light up anyone's day with one of her sweet smiles. She's learning to sit up, playing on her own, going crazy in the bouncer (she can stand up and feels so proud of herself), and learning to wave! Granted, its her squeezing her outstretched hand at you for now, but she feels so accomplished.

I am reveling in this learning stage. She takes every thing in and wants to do everything she sees mommy and daddy do. She is refusing to nap unless I am with her, which warms my heart and neglects the last few boxes I've yet to unpack. She is sleeping through the night, which is fantastic! By bed time I am worn out and ready for alone time. And then half an hour later I miss her. Moms, oy.

This season of life is like a roller coaster, but not in a bad way. There are ups and downs throughout the day, but overall, I am so so happy and blessed. My husband has one more semester before graduating and hopefully finding a graphic design job with better hours and pay, and now that this semester is over, he'll be home more for the summer. We are ecstatic!

I told my husband earlier this week that all my teenage dreams have come true. My childhood was miserable, and all I wanted was a happy family of my own. I knew I was called to be a wife and stay at home mom. I wanted a sweet, cozy home where things matched and every thing had a place. And as I look at our new home, my life with my little family, every thing I ever wanted has come true. I am so thankful, and so happy. Happier than I have ever been! And I am sure to remind myself of that whenever I have a hard day.

This week has been hard to say the least. But it will be gone before I blink my eyes twice. Revel in the seasons of your life, enjoy the little things, those special moments. They pass all too quickly. I will enjoy my teething, biting, 7 month old. Before I know it she'll be graduating high school.

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