Saturday, February 2, 2013

The Realm of Facebook & Adulthood

People on Facebook are amusing. I am in the midst of a debate on the evils of pacifiers! PACIFIERS?! Oh noooo! I use a soothie-style binkie, and have no issues. I think you need to be careful to establish a good breastfeeding relationship before you use them (in case of nipple confusion or preference), but they can be a lifesaver for car rides and washing dishes.
Facebook is great for networking, keeping in contact, and sharing information. And like anyone else, I also use it in times when I need support or encouragement. I think that's totally okay. People contact each other more on Facebook than they do in person sometimes! And if you need someone, by all means, reach out.

But it's sad when I see adults using it to constantly complain and whine about life. I see 13, 14 year old girls doing that. Its totally normal for their age, everything in life is super dramatic. A grown women, however, posting a status about every single thing or person that bothers her or ticks her off is a bit ridiculous.

I feel at the age most wives and mothers are, you should be able to process your emotions enough on your own without having to need a social network to validate how you're feeling. If someone or something is bothering you THAT much, go to the source and deal with the situation, or if you need to talk, go to a friend or spouse.  

Where is our maturity, our dignity, our strength, that we constantly feel the need to tell Facebook (or Twitter, Tumblr, etc) our problems. Dwelling on them is negative and won't help. Many people have children on Facebook as well, what kind of example does that set? Its perfectly okay to constantly complain. In real life, if all a friend does is complain when they talk to us, we generally don't like talking to them or being around them do we? So why do we tolerate it on Facebook?

I recently took a month long challenge not to post any negative or complaining statuses. It was surprisingly hard to resist the want to post. "Ugh, have the most wretched headache today!" "Baby was up alll night, can't take this exhaustion anymore!" Or, the passive aggressive statuses pointed towards someone who, in all probability, will not see your post about them. "Some people need to learn how to drive!" "If you want to say something, say it to their face next time!"

Just yesterday I was in a debate with some people, and a friend who disagreed posted a status very obviously pointed at me. As a teenager I would have absolutely retaliated via status, but instead, this time I felt pity for her, and honestly, amusement.

I use the social networks to share pictures of my gorgeous daughter, spread awareness about my passions, share thoughts and musings, and to keep in contact with those far away. Let's rise above and be the adults we are, and keep everything civil and grown up. Its normal to need support and encouragement, as I said before, but lets not be Debbie Downers!


  1. This always bothers me as well... Why do grown adults feel the need to whine or post statuses that fuel others to pity them? All for attention? Really?

    Whenever I go to complain or whine, it makes me stop and rethink, "Why does everyone on FB need to know this? Why not keep writing, but turn it into an encouraging or inspirational post that might help someone else struggling with the same thing?"

    Yeah, it's good to vent sometimes, but there's a time and a place, and your actual FB wall usually isn't the best one...

  2. AMEN!!! It's what I've been saying all along...glad someone noticed, haha! Although I enjoy being able to stay in contact with family who live far away and see their pictures I feel FB and other social media sites are creating a completely narcissistic society! I'd also like to argue that we (I'm including myself only b/c I have a FB page) like to think that these sites are enabling us to communicate and stay in touch with all of our nearest and dearest 5,427 "friends"...when in fact FBers can be sitting in a room full of friends...enjoying a wonderful dinner...enjoying a family outing and instead of truly reveling in the company they are in, they ignore the very family and friends around them to post something on or scroll thru their page. It's very sad really and breaks my heart!