Sunday, January 20, 2013

The Importance of Knowledge

I am currently working on a post for the blog that's pretty intense. It's a controversial subject, but one that is close to my heart and that many people aren't informed of, which is sad considering how important a subject it is. I'm extremely nervous about posting it, because my worst fear is offending someone.

As I write, I know that I do not mean to offend. My aim is to inform, educate, and encourage people. Unfortunately though, people will often take offense to anything that they disagree with or have heard bad things about. Our culture is one that believes what others say and do what others do without much research on their own part.

Until I got pregnant, I was one of those people. I just assumed there were things you just did or just listened to the doctors about. But even doctors are taught things that are not thoroughly researched, or their education on certain subjects are not in-depth, so they give the mainstream advice. For instance, pediatricians regularly give advice as far as supplementing breastfed babies with formula or rice cereal, when in fact they are not gastroenterologists and most had a very limited course in their medical curriculum about digestion, and the effects such things have in an open gut.

When I lost my first pregnancy, my mind went into overload thinking about all the things I didn't know. All these questions flew into my mind. What about this, well.... what about that? So I began reading everything I could about birth and babies. It is a tiresome process reading things and discerning what is true and what isn't, what is propaganda and what is real. I am incredibly proud of how much I have learned, and it's saddening when I talk to other moms and they tell me things like "oh, I didn't really read anything, it doesn't matter."

It does not matter how much schooling you've had, where you live, what you make; you have nothing without knowledge. It is extremely important in parenting. And once you're pregnant, you're a parent. You have to start making choices with another life to consider, their health, their future in your hands.

That is my purpose in this blog. To be a place where mom's can learn things they may not have known, to talk about subjects they may not know enough about, and to support one another, so that we can raise our children up to be the amazing people that they are.

I end this wanting everyone to know, whatever I write, whatever I say, I do so with nothing but the best intentions. No matter your parenting style and choices, I only hope to inform and uplift, and never to offend. There are things in life we will hear that we may not always like, but they may be for the best. That is what education is all about really, opening your mind to things you've never considered before.

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